Often times we hear that the youth, the new generation are the future. This is very true here at Lao Baptist Church, they are our future. We are very proud of our youth group, they are always there for us helping leading the worship, and open in prays every Sunday.

They're God loving young people, always willingly wanting to serve him wholeheartedly. They have a great fellowship with one another, they serve God with great honors and respect to his glorious kingdom.

Our hope and dreams lies upon them, they are our brightest and strongest. Working with our youth, and helping them is our very own youth pastor, Mr. Nant K, who is very well trained and gifted Biblical Theology. He shows them God's love, equipping them, helping them to serve one another and our community to build up the body of Christ.

For more information on how you can get involved with Youth's ministry at Lao Baptist Church, please contact us.

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