In everyone's life, we've all been there growing up with carefree of the world and no responsibility so that comes with no direction in life! Therefore, when children grows up, we try to guide them in the right direction to the true living God.

So, every Sunday here at the church, we have classes for preschoolers to juniors in comprehending the biblical stories of the bible and morality from right and wrong. When they start young, its easier for the children to learn and understand the teaching why Jesus had to die for them and there is no other salvation except through Him. Importantly, they will carry on what they learned and to call on Him for guidance!
The classes have many activities that will keep them entertaining and learning while being in a safe environment. Importantly, they learn how to pray and worship Jesus Christ.
If you are family with little tiny ones, please drop them by our Sunday school and we also watch them while the main service is being held so you could concentrate on worshiping and fellow-shipping with other believers.

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